Drasma Dragomira

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Demo at the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon, 2019
Resides: Crown Province of Østgarðr
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Drasma Device.png

Per saltire wavy azure and argent, four nesselblätter counterchanged and a bordure sable
Award & Office Badges


Drasma Dragomira started in the SCA by getting convinced by her sister to attend an event in 2011, didn't make it back until 2013 but acquired better resources in the meantime, and has been involved since.


9th Century Polabian, from near the Baltic coast in what is now Germany. Somehow married a Viking.

Offices & Positions

Herald-at-large, 9/2018-present

In Case of Court

Contact Ivarr Valsson or Kelsey Macpharlane, or feel free to contact me directly. I don't care much if I'm surprised or not, as long as I know to be there in time to plan to be there with the right urgency.

More Information