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Lord Donato Favro (He/Him)
Resides: Barony of Carolingia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Azure, On an Anvil Argent the capital letter D Azure
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsOrder of the MoonCompanion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


Had far to many friends to list in the SCA, but despite several failed attempts, never really got into it. That changed in 2013, when I realized everything I do for fun shuts down for Pennsic. Blacksmith, embroiderer, archer.


Donato is a blacksmith and the son of a blacksmith in 1320's Venice working in the expanding Arsenal. Through skill and patronage, he has risen to a position of authority, and the ability to expedite work as needed has expanded his fortunes. Combined with a few shrewd investments in various trading vessels (including those with certain storage areas that tend to be missed by customs inspectors), he has become reasonably wealthy. Not listed in the book of nobility, he will never rise to the ruling class, but instead is content with a comfortable working life, and the free time it gives him to work on personal projects.

More Information

Member, EK Metalsmiths Guild
Smith, EK Blacksmith's Guild
Bowman, Carolingian Company of Bowmen
Marksman, EK Archery
Journeyman, Athena's Thimble


  • Forging Clay

An introduction to blacksmithing techniques in a more forgiving material. Up to 10 students. Offered as a children's class or a full class.
Taught: Panteria 2018, Pennsic 2018 (Child and Adult), Novice Schola 2019, GNEW 2019, Pennsic 2019 (Child and Adult), Falling Leaves 2019, Pennsic 2023, Carolingia 50 Year.

  • Introduction to Blacksmithing

A hands on introduction to blacksmithing, students generally finish a completed gravity hook. Up to 4 students.
Taught: Novice Schola 2018, Pennsic 2018, Novice Schola 2019, Pennsic 2019

  • Blacksmithing Demos

Otter's Welcome 2016, Novice Schola 2017, Falling Leaves 2017, Novice Schola 2018, Falling Leaves 2018, Novice Schola 2019, Otter's Welcome 2019, Girl Scout Medeival Faire 2019, Great Falls Balloon Festival 2019, Otter's Welcome 2022.

  • What's In a Forge

A guide to building your own forge, from the simplest pit forge to a fully purchased set up. (A work in progress)
EKBlG Symposium 2021 (ethereal)

In Case of Court

If my presence is required in court, please contact Katla of Viborg or Aryana van Wyck. I do not mind either being surprised or knowing in advance that my presence is required.

For the duration of the COVID pandemic, awards may be presented during ethereal court.