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{{Households|photo = [[Image:DarosturBanners.jpg|200px]]| photocaption = Pennsic camp entrance| location = misty|founded= AS XXXVI |status= Active |device= [[Image:Dheraldry sm.png|200px]]|devicecaption=Heraldry Description to come}}
#REDIRECT [[House of Darostur]]
Darostur was founded to provide community and resources for newer members of the SCA to experience the Society at their own pace. Its location is shrouded in the mists of disinterest, but most of its members live in central/eastern MA.
Legend has it that the household was formed when a Russian, under inexpert navigation by a Dane, crashed a longboat into a tower in the middle of a lovely rose garden, upsetting the tea party of certain English persons, with imported tea brought by an Indian.  This is all based on a crude illustration of dubious origins, scrawled in the margins of a compilation of musical scores.
Rumors also suggest there may be a menagerie of fantastical creatures somewhere within the tower.
'''Lentitudo est laurifer iterum ''' (Apathy wins again)
Founded in the winter of A.S. XXXVI.
*[[Simon Gwyn]]
*[[Thyra Eiriksdottir]]
*[[Mathias Grunwold|Matthias Grunwold]]
*[[Katherine Morgan]]
*Sergei Rozvad syn
*Fox the Irritable
*[[Moire of Darostur|Moire]]
*[[Mikjáll bogmaðr|Mikjáll]]
*[[Æsa feilinn Jossursdottir]]
*Tullia Tranquilla
*[[Marieta Charay]]
===Sister Households===

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