Darius II and Roxane II

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King: Darius Aurelius Serpentius
Queen: Roxane Farabi
East Kingdom Crown #: 71
Preceded by: Andreas II and Isabella II
Succeeded by: Balfar IV and Luna IV


  • Established the Tyger of the East: given to those who most embody and personify the ideals of the East Kingdom. No more than one person may be so recognized during a reign; a person may receive this honor only once. Established April 26, A.S. 37.
  • Renamed the Gift of the Golden Lyre as Gift of the Golden Tyger April 26, A.S. 37.
  • Held the first Arts & Sciences Championship May 25, A.S. 38.
  • King and Queen for Pennsic 32 (2003). East 8, Mid 1.





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