Cynthia du Pre Argent

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Cynthia du Pre Argent, 2014
Resides: Towers, Carolingia, East
Status: irregularly active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Per pale argent and azure, a seablatt within a bordure counterchanged
Award & Office Badges


Mistress Cynthia du Pre Argent started in college (1983) and has continued in the SCA since then. She has awards from both the East Kingdom and the West/Mists. Court Baroness from the West; Highest level award is the Laurel, for silly hats, from the East.


Nominally a French Basque, due to reading that women in that culture were *allowed to own property* in the middle ages, but hasn't done very much study about the culture, however, other than reading about the whistle language and The Return of Martin Guerre.

Offices & Positions

Chronicler(Newsletter), Barony of Carolingia, c. 1990
Seneschale, Shire of Crosston, Mists, West 2 years c. 1997
Seneschale, Canton of the Towers, Carolingia, East, 1 year c. 2007

Event Staff

A Day in the Greenwood, an event in the Mists c. 1994 - Robin Hood era games, cooking over fires, bardic.

Projects & Publications

Own website, primarily on the hats of the High Middle Ages, plus houppelande reconstructions and other items, started in 1994.
Contributor to the SCA cookbook Traveling Dysshes: Food for Wars, Peace, and Potlucks. It's medieval recipes which have been tested and adapted for SCA use, now on its third edition.

"Traveling Dysshes is a collection of recipes and information to help someone who knows their way around a kitchen take their first steps in the wide culinary world that is medieval cookery. Filled with recipes translated and tested from period sources, it makes preparing a medieval meal easy. Or, if you want to know what to take to a reenactors’ potluck, you can find easy to create dishes right here. The authors have a friendly, down-to-earth tone that assumes you have basic kitchen knowledge, but not necessarily knowledge about historic cooking."

In Case of Court

And any other need to contact: email is probably best

More Information

Cynthia has not been participating as much as she once did, mostly due to having two special-needs kids (now teens) but is happy to be contacted with hat questions. She is a member of House Cinquefoil, headed by her PelLaurel Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke, formerly of the Mid, then the West, and now in Atenveldt. Dabbles in many things: UK style gardening, sewing/design, beading, knitting, hatmaking (surprise), cooking, carpentry, stained glass, fake stained glass, painting...