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|photo = [[File:20140927_cv_coronation_dagged_hat_larger.JPG|200px]]
|photo = [[File:20140927_cv_coronation_dagged_hat_larger.JPG|200px]]
|photocaption = Caption Needed
|photocaption = Cynthia du Pre Argent, 2014
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|location =  
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|status =  

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20140927 cv coronation dagged hat larger.JPG
Cynthia du Pre Argent, 2014
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Heraldry Needed
Award & Office Badges


Mistress Cynthia du Pre Argent started in college (1983) and has continued in the SCA since then. She has awards from both the East Kingdom and the West. Highest level award is the Laurel, for silly hats.


Nominally a French Basque, do to reading that women in that culture were *allowed to own property* in the middle ages. I haven't done very much study about the culture, however, other than reading about the whistle language and The Return of Martin Guerre.

Offices & Positions

Chronicler(Newsletter), Barony of Carolingia, c. 1990 Seneschale, Shire of Crosston, Mists, West 2 years c. 1997 Seneschale, Canton of the Towers, Carolingia, East, 1 year c. 2007

Event Staff

A Day in the Greenwood, an event in the Mists c. 1994 - Robin Hood era games, cooking, bardic.

Projects & Publications

Own website, primarily on the hats of the High Middle Ages, plus houppelande reconstructions and other items, started in 1994. http://www.virtue.to

In Case of Court

email is probably best

More Information