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On stage during a chess match
Resides: Border of Baronies of Settmour Swamp and Carillion
Status: Active but quiet
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Cuilean 'macFhionnlaigh'; 16th century Scottish traveler/"importer" of fine goods


Born August 1505 in a farming village along the River Dee near Braemar in the eastern Grampian Mountains, Scotland. Apprenticed in carpentry in the royal burgh of Kintore, and then in shipbuilding in the royal burgh of Aberdeen. While he has no formal scholarly education, he was taught basic mathematics in the carpentry trade and to read and write as part of bookkeeping for the shipwrights. He has since expanded on those basics and learned a smattering of many different languages for trade needs in various ports of call. He has traveled to many parts of Europe, sailing with those whose vessels he has helped repair over the years.

While aware of the wars in his lifetime, Cuilean has avoided them both by luck and on purpose. He knows how to properly use a bow, crossbow, and many of the more common weapons of war, but prefers to remove himself from potential conflict. However, he has studied manuals of swordplay for civilian dueling (fencing) as one cannot always avoid all confrontation, and while never an official cadet of any, briefly studied under Dona Mercedes de Calafia and Don Ricardo del Costa Verde among others.

He has no current guild affiliations, and as a common merchant, is often overlooked by those of higher station. He hasn't particularly gone out of his way to correct this oversight, either... yet.

Event Staff

  • Webmaster, Castle Wars XII (Meridies), 11/19/2015-11/22/2015