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Iulia Crispina joined the SCA while away at college in the summer of 2011. Crispina uses they/them pronouns and, for formal situations, prefers the neutral-gender title Nobilis post-appended: eg, Crispina Nobilis. Outside of court, Crispina entirely suffices. Their heraldry is Bendy argent and gules, a chief Or; their old device, Gules, an annulet Or conjoined in pale to a goutte argent, is retained as a personal badge.

Their first group, the Shire of Forth Castle (Meridies) will always be dear to their heart and held as their SCA “birthplace.” Crispina moved back to their homeland, the Barony of the Bridge, in autumn of 2012, and these Bridgies are very much their people. They apprenticed to Countess Ianthe d'Averoigne in the winter of 2014, and is thus associated with Casa Magnifica. Both of them being mildly allergic to court and ceremonies, none was held, and the exact date is quite lost.

Unsurprisingly, A&S activities are their love, and many of their interests are textile centric. Their primary art is historical dyeing, and they received their AoA for teaching aspects of this art. They are also highly interested in period tailoring techniques, and swear that they will soon put the dyepot down to actually embroider with some of that thread. Besides textile arts, they also enjoy recreating historical beaded jewelry, discovering new flavors through period cooking adventures, volunteering in the kitchens at local events, and research into names and heraldry.

Crispina founded and operates the House of the Golden Schelle, which has collected blood and chosen family members together to make and sell period dyed goods and jewelry. Its badge is Fieldless, an escallop bendwise Or.


Iulia Crispina is a citizen of Hadrian’s Rome, and resides on their husband's luxurious secondary estate in the Fayum in Roman Egypt. They detest spinning, but will do it when they’re supposed to play the part of modest and chaste wife for the occasional visitors. They'd rather supervise the cooks and the dyers, or even help them (with the less odious parts of their jobs), though they do have an appreciation for shiny adornments.

Old/Alternate Persona: Cristina Volpina has gained cittadina status in 1560s-70s Venice through marriage, but independently inherited their father's estate outside Verona and holds it still, along with a few other small pieces of property between here and there. They are comfortable enough to afford luxuries, though mostly secondhand. Cristina wishes they liked embroidering as much as they liked having embroidered things.

Offices & Positions

Deputy Chatelaine - Shire of Forth Castle - Feb 2012 - Oct 2012

Art & Science Officer - Barony of the Bridge - July 2018 - Sept 2020

Event Staff

Barony of the Bridge/West Warwick Public Library 2018 Annual Demo - Indigo Dye Activity Station

Barony of the Bridge/West Warwick Public Library 2019 Annual Demo - Indigo Dye Activity Station

Hrim Schola 2019 - Kitchen Staff & Instructor (Intro to Historical Dyeing)

Black Rose Ball 2019 - Kitchen Staff

Known World Costume and Fiber Arts Symposium 2019 - Instructor (Intro to Historical European Dyeing)

Feast of the End of the Gaunt Days 2020 - Event Steward

Projects & Publications

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In Case of Court

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