Corwin Blackthorn

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Resides: Canton of the Towers
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

Or, a wreath of thorns sable

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Award of ArmsFurisonCompanion of the Order of the Silver Wheel


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A 16th Century English fugitive with a penchant for tall tales, and a jack of all trades.]

Ask Corwin who he is and you'll receive a thousand different answers. Sometimes he'll talk of the fall of Rome and it's last great emperors as though he were there. Other times he'll say he was an explorer sent to expand English territories. He'll mention about his time as a mercenary of Landsknecht, and then turn around and say he rode as a Towarzysz Husarski. Surely a number of these tales are mere fabrication. But the depth of the detail, the items in his possession, and the feats he is capable of, leave one to guess which parts may be true.

What can be said to be true about him is he was active during the late 16th century and is of English decent. While true that he makes a point to travel, he is mainly centered towards central Europe, specifically, Black Forest. During his time of activity, Corwin was a pursuant of knowledge in any form he could find it. Anything from crafts, alchemy, the occult, art, and even martial skills. Also, as an indicator of the depth of the stories he tells, an items he covets, it can be assumed Corwin was an avid Historian, as well as an Antiquarian. But for what purpose he has learned these things, or which of his stories, or even what parts are true, is still unknown. The only way would have been to ask him, and determine what is true for yourself.

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