Corotica merkka Senebelenae

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Corotica "Clovis" merkkā Senebelenae
Resides: Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Per chevron gules and sable, a wolf courant and a wheat stalk argent
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


Corotica merkkā Senebelenae (Clovis)


Forester, fighter, fisher, artist, cook, middling crafter, and equestrian.

Group and Guild Memberships

Awards and Recognition


Clovis is a member of the Silures tribe in Southern Wales.

I bounce between Bronze, Iron Age/Pre-Roman British, and a Romano-Britain Persona.

Offices & Positions

  • Founder, Warden of Atlantia and Warden of the North, for the Kingdom of Atlantia Royal Forestry Guild, 10/2016 - 10/2017.
  • Keeper of Mountain Freehold: East Kingdom Royal Forester Guild October 2019 -
  • Chief Ranger of the Western Marches: East Kingdom Royal Forester Guild October 2019 -

Event Staff

  • Autocrat, Feast of Fools, Shire of Mountain Freehold, 04/25/2020
  • Autocrat, Feast of Fools, Shire of Mountain Freehold, 04/13/2019
  • Co-Host with Lady Katherine Slough, Feast of Fools, Shire of Mountain Freehold, 04/15/2018
  • Co-Host, various Mountain Freehold Foresters Guild meetups/events

Projects & Publications


  • Forester kit and garb appropriate to my persona
  • Soft and Fighter kit appropriate to my persona

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Fishbat and sheath/ Bat and Sheath by Vindorix "Black Finn" Ordowik, art and leather tooling by me, based off 1 c Welsh design

Fishbat.jpg 69520284 901528650217958 9175973812863238144 n.jpg
  • Natural dyed fabrics
 Fabrics.jpg Madder.jpg Linen.jpg Wool.jpg
  • Period cooking using period methods, focusing on Pre Roman period and Romano-Celtic Briton

Roman.jpg Smoked Fish Stew.jpg Roast.jpg Pottage.jpg Walnut and Herbs.jpg Apples, Must Cake, Honey.jpg DOBUNNI BREAD, HAZLENUT, CHEESE.jpg51852480 373558360099792 6541570104767807488 n.jpg Fishwrap.jpg Fishwrap2.jpg Fishwrapcook.jpg Fishdone.jpg 61647979 829275044098712 3051912930569224192 n.jpg Eggs.jpg Spices.jpg Panteriacclass.jpg Class.jpg IMG 20190807 124210650.jpg 73278802 422609175113306 6761586088042561536 n.jpg Primdumpling.jpg 72710235 437111343823770 5237373637178163200 n.jpg

  • Shield Painting and other stuff.

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In Case of Court

Please inform my husband, Vindorix "Black Finn" Ordowik (Justin Davis) if I need to attend court. Justin can be reached through Facebook.


Classes Taught:

  • Primitive Lamps, Mimir's Well, 2/24/2018
  • Domestic Fires and Wild Foods, co-taught with Vindorix "Black Finn" Ordowik ap Preachain, Panteria, 5/25-28/2018
  • A Romano-Celtic Cena, co-taught with Black Finn ap Preachain, The Endewearde Hunt 10/5-8/2018
  • Tracking 101 exercise, Foresters Guild event, 10/21/2019
  • Clay-wrapped cooking, Mimir's Well, 2/9/2019
  • Children's class, Firestarting with flint and steel, Panteria, 5/24-27/2019
  • Primitive cooking in a firepit, Panteria, 5/24-27/2019
  • Domestic Fires and Wild Foods(V2, Pennsic Boogaloo), co-taught with Vindorix "Black Finn" Ordowik ap Preachain, Early Period A&S in Clanne Preachain, Pennsic 48, Page 9 of the Friday August 9 Pennsic Independent

More Information

In mundane life I am Jennifer Davis, a project manager, artist, and outdoors enthusiast. I have been in the SCA since 2009 as a heavy fighter, but only really became active starting in 2017 when I moved to the East Kingdom/Shire of Mountain Freehold. I have been with Clan Preachain since 2017. This group is not an SCA Household, although many of its members are are in the SCA scattered throughout several Kingdoms and Houses.

I love the art styles of bronze, iron and roman era britian from both island and continental celtic cultures. I also like wolves, dogs, fish, fire, and the untitled goose.