Consort's Order of Courtesy

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QoC token
Award Information
Type: Order of Honor
Founded: 10/99/1974 by Cariadoc II and Diana II
Premiere(s): Elspeth of Morven and Jehan de la Marche
Recipients: Companions of the Queen's Order of Courtesy

The Queen's Order of Courtesy may be awarded by the Queen to such gentles as She deems worthy by reason of their consistently exemplary courtesy to gentles of all ranks in the East Kingdom and the Society at large. The Order was established October 19 A.S. 9, 1974, by Cariadoc II and Diana II.

The Companions of the Order will be bound, insofar as they are able, to maintain the standard of courtesy which entitled them to induction into the Order. The Queen may call upon the Companions of the Order for assistance with their aid or advice in encouraging courteous behavior or concerning nominations to this Order, as She sees fit. The Companions will be bound to assist Her to the best of their ability when called upon in this fashion.


A white right-hand glove (although left-hand gloves have reportedly been bestowed by left-handed queens). Upon the glove is a blue and gold Tudor rose (i.e. a blue heraldic rose superimposed by a smaller gold one).

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