Conditum Paradoxumc

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Full Recipe Name
Conditum Paradoxumc
Recipe Source
Originally from Apicius, Cookery And Dining in Imperial Rome by Vehiing. Copied from “A Sip Through Time”
Hugh Of Ruantallan
Panel Information
Panel Location: The Siege of Castle Theo'dOr
Panel Date: August 13, 2014
Score: 75.5
Beverage Information
Period: Antiquarian
Division: Division 4: Wines, Hypocrats, Fortified
Origin: Roman

Original Recipe

[ ] added by translator

The Composition of [this] excellent spiced wine [is as follows] . Into a copper bowl put 6 sextarii of honey and 2 sextarii of wine; heat on a slow fire, constantly stirring the mixture with a whip. At the boiling point add a dash of cold wine, retire from stove and skim. Repeat this twice or three times, let it rest till the next day, and skim again. Then add 4 oz of crushed pepper, 3 Scruples of mastich, a drachm each of [nard or laurel] leaves and saffron, 5 drachms of roasted date stones crushed and previously soaked in wine to soften them. When this is properly done add 18 sextarii of light wine. To clarify it perfectly, add [crushed] charcoal twice or as often as necessary which will draw [the residue] together [and carefully strain or filter through the charcoal]


The book Translation to modern measurement Reduced for test run Adjusted for final
6 Sextarii Honey 3.24 liters 225 ml 225mL
4 Ounces Crushed Pepper 109.6 grams 7.56 g 5 g
3 scruples Mastic 3.87 grams 0.26 g 0.5 g
20+ Sextarii Wine 10.8 Liters 750 ml 750 ml
1 dram Saffron 3.88 grams 0.26 g 0.25 g
5 Drams Roasted Date stones 19.44 grams 1.35 g 2 Date stones
1 Dram Spikenard or Bay laurel Leaves 3.88 grams 0.26g 1 Bay Leaf
Crushed Charcoal No mesurement about 1 cup about 1 cup

Process and Notes

I looked up some of the ingredients because I didn’t recognise them and was able to find Mastic (Arabic gum) and Date Stones (date pits). I also looked up the most popular peppers in Rome for this time and found that Long pepper was the favored. However, I could not find any so I used Black pepper, less popular but still used during this time period.

I made charcoal on my BBQ in a metal smoker box while cooking a chicken. Made from maple wood. Crushed it and used this for the filter with some unbleached cotton.

I bought the cheapest non-descript Italian wine I could find.

Test run

• I don’t own a copper pot, I used steel.

• Because of the filtering process of modern honey, skimming is not needed in the first step. But I did still simmer and let rest 3 times.

• I took “When this is properly done” to mean there was more to it than just putting ingredients in wine so I heated the drink and let it steep for a short time to give the flavors a chance to be drawn into the wine

• Date stones are as hard as rocks and need tools to brake unless well toasted.

• 7.5 Grams of Black pepper is a lot and will overpower the drink. I will drop this to 5 Grams

• I could not taste the mastic and will increase it to 0.5 grams


I made this drink and served it warm at the camping event using the finale set of measurement.