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*[[Thory Vedardottir]]
==More Information==
==More Information==
*[https://www.facebook.com/groups/116311635379957/ White Shield Facebook Group]
*[https://www.facebook.com/groups/116311635379957/ White Shield Facebook Group]

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Founded: July 2016
Status: Active
Award Badges


The Company of the White Shield is dedicated to helping new and existing members of the SCA network with their fellows. Functioning similar to a guild our goal is to help those with a need or desire to learn, find appropriate mentor-ship as well as assisting in enjoying the society as a whole. The Companies White Shield depicts the blank slate, devoid of heraldry, representing those who are returning, relocating, newcomers, or those who don't have a household to camp with.


The Company of the White Shield was founded by Albrecht Ostergaard who had been playing for years yet still had no AoA. He was not sure how to go about working to find his place in the Society and make himself known. He also found that there were many folks in the same situation as him and decided that a meeting place and home for such individuals was needed. This would help them find their place, network Mentors for searching members and help launch their efforts to create their Scadian lives. Ironically this very action is what granted Albrecht Ostergaard his AoA.


Guest - The Company’s doors are open to all those who are in need of its hospitality so long as they adhere to our rule(s) of conduct. We consider these members of society Guests of the Company. Guests need not formally join the Company, but may ask one of its members for assistance. To become a full member one must simply ask any member consideration for entry. There is a trial period before membership is granted.




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