Collette d’Avignon

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Birka 2020
Resides: Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

purpure, on a lozenge pometty argent an ermine spot purpure

Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch Award of Arms


Collette has been a member of the SCA since 2018 and has found a deep love for illumination and calligraphy, dancing, music playing, and embroidery.

Collette is the daughter of an illuminator, living in eastern France along the Mediterranean (late 14thc - early 15thc). From a young age, she assisted her father by creating pattern books of various flora and fauna as they traveled between Paris and Avignon, providing the services of art. As Collette aged, she took up other skills, such as calligraphy, embroidery, and the making of clothes. Her father saw to it that she was an educated woman, so that she could later carry out her father’s work when he passed. Now, Collette is traveling, fulfilling her father’s wishes, providing the best her pigment and brushes can provide. Occasionally, Collette can be seen camping with fellow travelers; a hunting party known to roam the lands, filled with other such artists. She can be seen dancing, heard singing and playing music, and telling stories around their fire. Collette’s biggest dream is to create beautiful art that others will remember her by.


Event Staff

  • Gate - Stonemarche Baronial Anniversary (2019)
  • Gate - A Market Day at Birka (2020)
  • Assistant Coordinator for Fencing Tournament - Market Day at Birka (2020)

Projects & Publications

  • For updates on my latest projects please visit MY BLOG

My projects include: calligraphy, illumination, embroidery, sewing/garb making, finger-loop braiding, inkle weaving, and teaching.

In Case of Court

I love surprises! Please speak to Audrye Beneyt or Camille des Jardins in case of court.

More Information

Presently managing Scribal Coloring Pages on Facebook