Clippart de Worde

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Lord Clippy faffing around.
Resides: The Shire of Wordshire
Status: Ethereal
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Bisque, three bar gemel azure, a quill pen bendwise sinister sable
Award & Office Badges

Award of Arms


Clipart de Worde (Lord Clippy) started in the SCA in 1997 but drifted away in 2004. Originally he thought he'd be a fencer, but after an incident which bent his steel he decided to become a scribe, a bard, and a herald.


Clippart is a failed monk living in Renaissance Italy. His fondness for wine and inability to adhere to a vow of silence meant he was unfit for the life. It turns out he also doesn't have the talent to be a minstrel. This doesn't stop him from popping up with impromptu performances on a regular basis, but it does mean that he's often told to shut up and go away.

Offices & Positions

  • Windows versions 97, 2000, 2003
  • Mac versions 98, 2001, v.X, 2004
  • Upper left corner.
  • Upper right corner.
  • In the way of what you are trying to do.

Event Staff

  • Steward, Blue Fields of Death, 05/28/2002

Projects & Publications

  • I see you are trying to write a recommendation letter.
  • So you're trying to create a persona. Might I suggest.....
  • Suggested text for new scribes.
  • You appear to be writing a screed on social media, would you like some assistance with your Peer-like Qualities?

In Case of Court

Please contact Lord Clippy's Peer, Meister Otto Korrect.

Lord Clippy would appreciate the use of hand-crafted, locally sourced, artisanal thoughts in the creation of any scrolls.

If he is expected to appear in court, please don't click the X, and please notify Maestro Roberto in advance. If he is not expected to appear in court, it is likely he will pop up anyway.

More Information

Clippart de Worde is a collaborative April Fool's joke by members of the East Kingdom Webministry.