Chiaretta di Fiore

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Lady Kataryn Mercer
Resides: Barony of Dragonship Haven
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per pale Or and argent, in chief in fess three pine trees couple sable
Unofficial Badge
Award & Office Badges
KatarynMercerDevice.jpg Companion of the Order of the Maunche


I am Kataryn Mercer (pronounced Cat-uh-rin), called "Kit" by friends. I am a costumer by preference with an interest in recreating clothing worn in the 16th century, through both historically accurate or innovative methods. My primary passion is Italian costuming, and I dabble in painting potter, woodcuts, and embroidery.


Kataryn Mercer is the daughter of an English silk merchant and an Italian woman. She was born in 1535 in London, England. Though they are working class, her father's successful business allows Kataryn access to the finest silks from abroad, as well as the latest fashions, particularly from her mother's hometown, Florence. Recently, the Mercer family has relocated to Florence to improve business connections, and there they reside currently.


Awards and Honors

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On Garbing A Gentlewoman: 16th C. Florentine Fashion
EKU 4/2015, Pennsic 8/2015, Costume College [non-SCA] 7/2016, Pennsic 8/2016

Construction of a Florentine Sottana for Beginners
Pennsic 8/2015, Costume College [non-SCA] 7/2016, Pennsic 8/2016

So You Have The Dress, Now What?
Pennsic 8/2016, Costume College [non-SCA] 7/2017

Enjoy Your Drawers: 16th-C Florentine Underwear
Costume College [non-SCA] 7/2017

In Case of Court

Please contact Mistress Vienna de la Mer for preferences.