Chelsey of Gloucester

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Gown made at 2017's Golden Seamstress Challenge - Barony Beyond the Mountain
Resides: Canton of the Towers, Carolingia
Status: alive
Awards: Order of Precedence
Blazon needed
Award & Office Badges


Lady Chelsey of Gloucester has been slowly developing since her first event - A Battle between the Barony of Smoking Rocks and the Barony of Carolingia over disputed common lands.


Chelsey of Gloucester is from Tudor/Elizabethan England, Town of Gloucester.

Offices & Positions

  • Typesetter, Pennsic Independent, 2016 to present
  • Exchecquer, Canton of the Towers, 2018 to present

Event Staff

Has not been "officially" on staff yet, but has volunteered to help with the odd job here and there, in set up/take down, or whatever needed help with.

Arts & Sciences

  • "Novice A" category winner, Saint Elegius, Barony of Dragonshiphaven 11/15/2014 For her display of hand-spun, hand-dyed, wool & linen yarns.
  • "Kluge" category winner, Saint Elegius, Barony of Dragonshiphaven 11/??/2015 For her Pilgrimage Bag that disguised a modern cooler bag.
  • "A&S Display" Pennsic, 08/2016 For her Illumination Experiment using the same design, style, paints on different calligraphy papers. She also demonstrated the difference between carded wool using carders, and combed wool using combs.
  • "Autocrats Choice" winner, Golden Seamstress Challenge, Barony Beyond the Mountain 04/08/2017 A Tudor French Court Gown ensemble.[1] See pic.
  • "A&S Display" Pennsic, 08/2017 For her hand sewn Viborg Shirt [2] using natural fibers, with a fingerlooped braid around the neckline.
  • "Dirty Dozen Largess Challenge" winner. Battle of Five Armies, Shire of Quintavia. 08/26/2017 [3] For her collection of over 100 largess items spaning a dozen crafts (scroll cases, wire rings-with/without pearls, bookmarks-needlepointed/painted paper, drawstring bags, blue/yellow cords for medallions, Needle pointed Tudor Roses for the Queen's Order of Courtesy awards, in a golden "Pandora's Box" reliquery.)
  • "Birka Fashion Show" Birka 2018, Barony of Stonemarche, wearing the 1480's Florentine Outfit [4] made from classes from the Fiber Arts Enthusiasts Group. Did not win anything but was fun doing the walk.
  • A&S Display - Pennsic 8/2018 - a selection of largess items(emergency sewing kit/needlecase; medallion cords; etc.) and toys(beanbags, stuffed fabric balls, stuffed animals) for the toybox. Donated to EK Royal at Pennsic after the display.

Classes Taught

  • "Knotted (Oya) Needlelace" 12/14/2017 Fiber Arts Enthusiasts meeting, Canton of the Towers, Barony of Carolingia
  • "Oya - Armenian Needlelace" 2/25/2018 5th Annual Embroiderer's Schola, Quintavia
  • "Oya - Armenian Needlelace" 3/15/2018 Hrim Schola, BBM/Dragonship Haven (cohosts)
  • "Oya - Armenian Knotted Needlelace" 2 sessions, Pennsic University, 2018

In Case of Court

  • Since Lady Chelsey has gone through the trouble and expense in creating a French Court Gown, she welcomes the opportunity to be wearing her finery, if need be, before their Majesties. She does not need to know why she is there, only that she should probably want to wear her best clothes at a certain event. Mistress Emmengar de la Fillerese as well as Baroness Johanna or Baroness Arylana would be good to contact on making sure she gets to court. Thank You.


  • A place[5] where you can read up more on Lady Chelsea's projects and other randomness. Feel free to leave comments. They let me know that at least someone has been reading my blog. Thank You.