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The Chancellor of the East Kingdom University coordinates and supervises the East Kingdom University.

Chancellors of the East Kingdom University

Name Start Date
Alys Gardyner August 1987
Sirillian Amber Tallin October 1988
Camilla Ginevra di Capri August 1989
vacant September 1990
Aidan ni Leir October 1990
Thorkatla Herjolfsdottir August 1993
Anton of Winteroak July 1997
William the Alchymist December 1998
Andrea Caitlin MacIntyre May 2002
Erlan Skald di Norlandi June 2006
Elysabeth Underhill July 2011
Isabelle de Montreuil sur Mer July 2013

Historic Note: This was a separate lesser officer under the A&S Minister, but the office was dissolved in 2018 and incorporated back into the larger A&S Ministry.

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