Ceòl of Glenwood

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Pennsic XLV.jpg
Preparing to to lead the drummers of La Familia Gladiatoria as the processional music for TRMs Ioannes and Honig at the opening ceremonies of Pennsic XLV.
Resides: Barony of Bergental
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Arms of Ceól of Glenwood.jpg
Per pale sable and Or, a gorgon's head affronty couped close, in chief a wolf and stag rampant combatant counterchanged.
Award & Office Badges
Troubadour Companion of the Order of the Silver TygerAward of Arms


Squire Brothers Preparing for the Bergental/BBM Yule Spear Tourney

First Introduced to the Dream at Pennsic XXXVII

Squire to Viscount Ajax Thermopylokles

Member of La Familia Gladiatoria


Ohgam Name - Feather Mark.png

Qenilocas of the East (Pronounced: k'aeloch) - A Pict taken to serve in the Ludus of Viscount Ajax Thermopylokles. Under the tutelage of Dottori Caius and Cassius Pontianus he has become a significant threat with spear, glaive, and greatsword, leading his brothers and sisters in combat whenever the ludus has been drafted to fight for the Empire.

Awards & Honors

Offices & Positions

Projects & Interests

Fighting (Melee and Command)

Music (Vocal and Percussive)

Tablet weaving

In Case of Court

Please Contact Viscount Ajax Thermopylokles, Master at Arms Caius Ignatius Pontianus, Sir Cassius Pontianus, and/or The Lady Anya (Anya Arthen)

Ceòl prefers surprises

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