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Contained herein are all those works recorded, measured, and approved by a Panel of Certified Judges within the East Kingdom Brewers' Guild, and by the recording of these works so judged by the aforesaid Panel of Judges does the East Kingdom Brewers' Guild endorse and proclaim good and wholesome the work so recorded.

For the benefit of all good Lords, Ladies, Masters, Knights, and All Other persons who live in or call home the East Kingdom, and for the benefit of any others who may read these words, do we reckon those works we have evaluated in four ways, that is, first, by the time period from whence the work arises, second, by the people or place from whence the work was first developed, third, by one of several Divisions decreed by the Guild for our uses, and fourth, by the name of the artisan who brought the aforesaid work into being.