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Fabrics demo to local scouts
Resides: Nordenhal
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
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Per bend argent and azure, on a heart gules five lozenges three and two argent.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Silver Wheel - 12 June 2021
Chancellor Minor, Nordenhalle,

Youth Combat Marshal


Carrick MacSeáin. SCA Biography. Selected Awards


Cuirtear fáilte roimh gach taistealaí

All travelers are welcome

Carrick MacSeáin is a simple man of the earth and a brewer of grains and honey, and an innkeeper by trade. Neither warrior nor servant, Carrick is a freeman subject of the King. He hails from Ail Finn,  Ireland, near Carrick-on-Shannon from whence he takes his name. The year is 1470

Carrick keeps a house of general hospitality for strangers. All that pass are welcome to tarry at his tables. Travelers are particularly welcome, as he supplies rooms as well as board. Specialties include: Meads of all types, including melomels and methoglyns Ales of all types, lagers occasionally Honey butter - spiced and non-spiced Feasts of fowl, beef, and boar. Simple meals of stews and soups Specialty breads Cheeses

Carrick maintains several hobbies as well as his baking and brewing. Fabric arts, such as creating tunics and dresses Plays recorder, but only to please himself

His home is his workplace. It has a tavern on the first floor and rooms to let on the second. A brewery and kitchen in the back. Carrick lives on the third floor.

Offices & Positions

Event Staff / Volunteering

  • East Kingdom 50 Year (EK-50) 2018
    • Youth Point Volunteer,
    • Shire Demonstration Volunteer
  • Pennsic 48, August 2019
    • Pennsic University, Teen University Volunteer
  • Persen House Demonstration, October 2019
  • East Kingdonm Fall Crown Tournament, November 2020
    • Chancellor Minor
    • Family Point Volunteer
  • Pennsic 49 2022
    • Youth Combat Marshal
    • Family Point Volunteer

Projects & Publications

Contributed to the video on how to modify a hockey helmet for Youth Combat

Handmade game boards. Alquerque and Nine Men's Morris. Game Set fabrication. March 2021

Nordenhal belt favor made by request Nordenhal Belt Favors, May 2021

Shire Officers Officer Belt loop insignia, May 2021

Viking style hat made for a friend. Viking style hat made for a friend. June 2021

100 Minutes will be nippy. I'll need a hat like this. Fur style hat to be cozy. November 2021

In Case of Court

In case of court contact me and my Seneschal, Abel Atte Watere. Preferred pronouns he/him

More Information

Carrick may be contacted via Kingdom eMail