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Caitrina Gordon.jpg
Spring Crown Tourney in The Shire of Hartshorn-dale, 2011 (Picture taken by Cateline La Broderesse)
Resides: The Barony of Iron Bog
Awards: Order of Precedence
Vert, on a fess between two pairs of rapiers in saltire Or a domestic cat couchant sable.
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Companion of the Order of the Burdened Tyger Award of Arms Order of the Ducke Order of the Silver Martlet Order of the Sable Gauntlet Order of the Sable Compass
Member of the Tadcaster Militia


Lady Caitrina Gordon called Katya, OBT (x3), OSC, various Baronial rewards Katya holds the offices of Historian and was Rapier Marshal in the Barony of Iron Bog until July 2015. She is a long standing member of the Tadcaster Militia (known as the Elephant Handler), apprenticed to Duchess Mistress Sedalia MacNare for Costuming, cadeted to Master Don Davius St. Jacques and a student of period cooking. If Katya is attending an event there are normally three places you can locate her; the rapier field, the kitchen or cheering on her Lord at the Armored Combat field.


Katya is a Scottish persona that has traveled the world thanks to her father having a merchant ship. She has been to Russia, Germany, England and the Middle East-this is reflected in the various garb you will find her wearing. Please see for a more detailed persona write up.

Offices & Event Staff

Shire/Barony Offices-

  • Office of the Chatelaine-Shire of Blak Rose-2001-2003
  • Office of Rapier Marshal-Shire of Blak Rose-2003-2005
  • Office of Baronial Historian-Barony of Iron Bog-2008-Present
  • Office of Baronial Deputy Rapier Marshal-Barony of Iron Bog-2009-2010
  • Office of Baronial Rapier Marshal-Barony of Iron Bog-2010-2015
  • RMIC of SRWP-Shire of Owlshurst-2004 to 2010 (7 years total)
  • RMIC of Toys for Tots-Barony of Iron Bog-December 2010
  • RMIC of River Wars-Barony of Iron Bog-September 2012
  • RMIC of River Wars-Barony of Iron Bog-September 2015

Head Cook/Deputy Cook Positions-

  • Deputy Cook-Schola for the Lost-Shire of Montevale (RP)-Oct 2000, A.S. XXXV
  • Deputy Cook-Feast of the Stag-Shire of Montevale-June 2001, A.S. XXXV
  • Deputy Cook-Schola for the Lost-Shire of Montevale-Oct 2001, A.S. XXXVI
  • Deputy Cook-Feast of the Stag-Shire of Montevale-June 2002, A.S. XXXVI
  • Head Cook-Rebirthing Day--Shire of Blak Rose-Oct 2002, A.S. XXXVII
  • Head Cook-Crown Tourney-Shire of Blak Rose (Kingdom Level)-May 2003, A.S. XXXVII
  • Head Cook-Second Investiture of the Barony of Iron Bog, Barony of Iron Bog (RP), Feb, 2009 A.S. XLIII
  • Deputy Cook-Bellringers-Barony of Carillon-Feb, 2010, A.S. XLIV
  • Head Cook-Birthday Event-Barony of Iron Bog-March, 2010, A.S. XLIV
  • Head Cook-Ice Falcon’s Ducal Challenge-Barony of Iron Bog (RP)-June, 2010, A.S. XLV
  • Head Cook-Coronation of Gryffith II and Aikaterine II-(Kingdom Level- Barony of Iron Bog-Sept, 2010 A.S. XLVI
  • Deputy Cook-Mudthaw-Barony of Settmour Swamp-March 2011
  • Head Cook-River War II.V-Barony of Iron Bog (RP)-October 2011
  • Head Cook-Third Investiture of the Barony of Iron Bog-Barony of Iron Bog (RP)-January 2012
  • Co-Cook-EKU Collegium: A Day in the Guild Hall-Barony of Bhakail-August 2012
  • Head Cook-Kingdom Twelfth Night-Barony of Iron Bog (Kingdom Level)-January 2013
  • Head Cook-River War IV-Barony of Iron Bog (RP)-September 2013
  • Head Cook-Artisan’s Village-Shire of Hartshorn-dale-June 2015
  • Dayboard Cook-Fourth Investiture of the Barony of Iron Bog-Barony of Iron Bog (RP)-June 2015
  • Head Cook-River Wars VI-Barony of Iron Bog-September 2016
  • Assistant Cook-Artisan's Village-Shire Hartshorn-dale-June 2017
  • Head Cook-River Wars VII-Barony of Iron Bog-September 2017

Projects & Publications

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