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*Duchess [[Roxane Farabi|Etheldreda Ivelchyld]]
*Duchess [[Roxane Farabi|Etheldreda Ivelchyld]]
*Lady [[Gráinne inghean uí Bhrolacháin]]
*Lady [[Gráinne inghean uí Bhrolacháin]]
*m'lady [[Gwenhoivar of Lindley]]
*Lord [[Hallbjorn Tryggvason]]
*Lord [[Hallbjorn Tryggvason]]
*Baroness [[Hedewigis Ockenfüßin]], OP
*Baroness [[Hedewigis Ockenfüßin]], OP

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Shire of Caer Adamant
Azure on a pale vert fimbriated between two laurel wreaths a sword Or.
Founded: October 1992
Location: State of Delaware


This is the Wiki page for the Shire of Caer Adamant, which borders are that of the State of Delaware, within the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

We have many activities within the Shire Please contact our chatelaine at chatelaine@caer-adamant.eastkingdom.org for more information or to get involved.


Meaning: Fort Diamond

Established: October 1992

Blazon: Azure on a pale vert fimbriated between two laurel wreaths a sword Or.
The green is for the state of Delaware, surrounded by golden shores and the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic.
Name and device registered November 1991.

Populace badge: Azure, a pale vert fimbriated Or.
This is a badge for the populace of the Shire of Caer Adamant to wear or to mark their belongings, being the Shire's registered Device without the charges.
Badge registered December 2012.

Fighting Unit: The Free Company of Caer Adamant is the Shire's official fighting unit

Official Web Site

Calendar of upcoming activities

Officers of Caer Adamant

Populace of Caer Adamant

List is alphabetical by SCA first name, and includes those we claim even if they do not physically reside within our borders.

Caer Adamant Legacy Order of the Silver Crescent Medallion

Shire Legacy Medallion.jpg

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