Bryan Mac Dhunghaill an Boghadair

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Resides: Bhakail
Status: active
Awards: Order of Precedence

[brian's coa]
Heraldry Needed

Award & Office Badges
06/25/1988 Award of Arms

03/09/1991 Companion of the Silver Crescent

9/20/1997 Companion of the Salamander (Bhakail)

2/19/2011 The Harlequin

2/19/2011 Flame of Bhakail

8/5/2012 Order of the Horse

6/29/2013 Flame of Bhakail

Date unknown Flame of Bhakail
Journeyman Chirurgeon at Pennsic 16

Mentor Chirurgeon at Pennsic 19

Baronial Chirurgeon(Bhakail)

Minister of Arts and Sciences(Bhakail)


Southern Region Deputy Chirurgeon

Salamander Pursuivant(Bhakail)

Thrown Weapons Marshall(Bhakail)


Brian Toland started in the SCA in 1981 and has spent his entire SCA career within the Barony of Bhakail.


Lord Bryan is a 10th century Celt due to a twist of fate fell in with a group of traders and traveled throughout Europe and the Orient, where he learned embroidery, cooking, woodworking, leather working, calligraphy and illumination.

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