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This is a list of the documentation for paneled beverages in the East Kingdom Brewers' Guild. They are organized by time period of the beverage, by the people or place of the beverage, by the guild division the beverage best fits in, and by the artisan who submitted it.

See the parent category for a complete list of all projects.

By Country or Culture

All Countries/Cultures

By Time Period

note: time period groupings are provided largely for convenience, and are not necessarily intended to imply any limitations on acceptable origination

The Antiquarian World (pre-5th century CE)

Early Middle Ages (~5th to 10th century CE)

High Middle Ages (~10th to 13th century CE)

Late Middle Ages (~14th and 15th century CE)

European Renaissance (~15th to ~17th century CE)

Early Modern era (solidly 17th century CE)

The Current Middle Ages (SCA-appropriate beverages without a specific time period)

By Category

Grain-Based Beverages

Honey-Based Beverages

Apple and Pear Beverages

Wines and Associated Beverages

Cordials and Medicinal Drinks

Non-Alcoholic and Miscellaneous

By Artisan

All Paneled Brewers