Bishop Slate

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Bishop Slate, the presumed identity of the one commonly known as the masked man
Resides: Kingdom of the East
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Grand Banner of House Slate, a weeping angel halo’d by three Tudor Roses, clasping a broken sword.
Award & Office Badges

Lord Slate stands next to his father's armor.


Bishop Slate came to the shores of the known world in 2014 originally landing upon the Kingdom of Trimaris and taking up fencing as well as heavy fighting. In 2016 he made a temporary move to the Kingdom of Drachenwald's regions of Eplaheimr, Knight's Crossing, and its far away places to campaign in the middle east and African continent, temporarily hosting an SCA chapter in the Gulf of Aden. Upon completion of this campaign, he traveled to the Kingdom of the East to find quiet and more peaceful pursuits. Although not known in the kingdom's combat circles, he stands ready to take the sword if need be. Instead, if ever found, he will be smithing, sewing, painting, composing, dancing, and most things becoming of a 16th century man of his station.


Little is known about the man's early days. A veteran sergeant at arms from the War of the League of Cambrai, Bishop was elevated to the House of Lords by his majesty King Henry VIII for actions during The Battle of the Spurs. He saw further service volunteering to provide said services to the Holy League in their campaigns against the Duchy of Ferrara. After completing his duty, Lord Slate returned to England to officially take his charge over his Barony of Tamworth. It wasn't long after his return that he rendered his services for the king once more, though for subterfuge. It is rumored that he is currently spymaster for the crown, more insidiously, delivering contract killings on traitors slipping from bills of attainder.When he does take to the field during war, he is known for his macabre banner, and the silent men who fight under it. Everywhere the English crown pitches battle, the angel stares at all accross the field. There are no battle cries or taunts from its men, only silent advance and rather anticlimatic victory.

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In Case of Court

There is no known method to contact this elusive individual, he simply seems to know when and where, appearing without herald's cry or the gate guard's notice.

It is rumored that his Florentine contact, Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccafurno, may know a method to deliver messages to him (though it is pure hearsay).

More Information

In the Mundane world, I am a retired infantry sergeant from the US Army. I moved to Vermont after my combat tours in search of a quieter life and so far have been my own worse enemy in that regard. I'm a bit too extra for a life like that.