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Caption Needed
Resides: East Kingdom - Shire of Panthervale
Status: House Serpentius, House Argent Fist
Awards: Order of Precedence
Bess Device.jpg
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Award of Arms
Combat Archery


First SCA event attended was Panteria 2015.

Tried target archery at Lost Tip 2015 and began dabbling in target archery.

At Panteria 2016, authorized in combat archery.

Pennsic 2016 - joined House Serpentius

At Lost Tip 2016, became a combat archery marshal.

Panteria 2017 - authorized in sword and shield

Panteria 2017 - joined House Argent Fist


Birka 2017 - award of arms and Silver wheel


Early Scottish.

Offices & Positions

Panthervale Chatelaine - March 2017 to present

Event Staff

Panteria Merchant Coordinator - 2016, 2017

Classes Taught

Intro to Combat Archery - Birka 2017, Panteria 2017

More Information

Dabble in garb making, inkle weaving, crocheting

Beth CA.jpg 300px Bess Armor.jpg