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|badge = [[Image:Beatrice-de-Warynton_Badge.jpg|100px]]
|badge = [[Image:Beatrice-de-Warynton_Badge.jpg|100px]]
|badgecaption = (Fieldless) A bee bendwise argent
|badgecaption = (Fieldless) A bee bendwise argent
|awards =  
|awards = {{CourtBarony}} {{AoA}} {{OSB}}
|offices =  
|offices =  

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Lady Beatrice
Resides: Barony of Bhakail
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

Beatrice-de-Warynton Device.jpg
Azure, in pale two seeblätter argent
Beatrice-de-Warynton Badge.jpg
(Fieldless) A bee bendwise argent

Award & Office Badges
CourtBarony Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


I first became aware of the SCA back in 1989 while I was still in high school in North Central Florida. My school was putting on a Renn Faire and every department of the school was involved. As part of the festivities, the local SCA group was providing a demo. The fighters in the court yard were impossible not to notice. They had drawn such a crowd of onlookers! In the middle of everything, was a dear friend I had been in classes with for many years. After the Faire, I asked him all about the SCA and he gladly told me all he knew. After I graduated, I moved to Michigan with my family and started college. In the late fall of 1990 I found my first local group. I joined the Canton of the Roaring Wastes. As the years have passed, I have lived in a total of 4 kingdoms and participated in many sca activities. There have been times that mundane life has taken me on a different path for a time, but I always seem to find my way home.


Baroness Beatrice (Bea) tends to suffer from a condition lovingly referred to as multiple persona disorder. During my many years in the society, building a back story and specific persona has never been a high priority. As a result, changing themes for events and Royal Reigns have allowed a certain amount of garb, and activity adventure. Currently, I tend to gravitate towards Viking garb for day to day wear. The use of glass beads, woven trims and embellishments, and comfortable silhouettes make this a good fit both for physical comfort, and artistic expression and exploration.

Recently I have been learning fencing and my original love for all things late period has once again caught my attention. I have decided to build a persona around my fencing that is more fitting to the activity.

I am a young widow living in late 16th century London. My father was a French Naval Officer and my mother was an English ladies maid. They met very unexpectedly and quickly fell in love on one of his many visits to the port of London. They were never permitted to marry but soon after they began their love affair my mother found herself with child. Once I was born, my mother did her best to provide for us both and we made our way as best we could manage. As soon as I was barely old enough, my mother arranged for me to marry a middle class tavern owner. I certainly had no dowry, but he quickly over looked that to have help with his business and a young pretty bride. Several years after we married my husband died in a sudden measles outbreak. To this day I remain convinced I would have died as well had I not been away visiting my mother in the country. Not long after my husbands death, I took over the tavern, expanded it to include an inn, and moved it closer to the waterfront where it is more suited to provide lodgings and sustenance to sailors and other sea going travelers. I strive to make my establishment clean and comfortable for all who walk through its doors. I run a respectable establishment. There is no brawling in my house! If you are unwise enough stir up trouble, you may find yourself on the wrong end of my rapier or my fathers pistol that I carry not only as protection, but as a reminder of where I came from. I have a strong head for business and after being forced into a loveless marriage when I was very young, I have no intentions to ever remarry. I enjoy my independence and the respect I have earned.

Activities & Interests

  • Weaving
  • Calligraphy
  • Sewing
  • Archery
  • Fencing
  • Vocal Music
  • Retaining

Projects & Publications

Blog under construction: www.averybusybea.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kris.greenberg

More Information

  • I Love surprises and if I am going to be called into court, I prefer to be kept in the dark for as long as possible. However, I do get a bit of stage fright so an escort from a gentleman friend would be most welcomed and deeply appreciated.
  • The complete Court Will and Wishes for Baroness Beatrice are kept by Baroness Christina Jenevra de Carvalhal of Buckland Cross.
  • I currently reside within the geographical boarders of The Shire of Hartshorn Dale, but I can most often be found with my adopted family in the Barony of Bhakail.

Contact Information

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/kris.greenberg
  • Email: beatricedewarynton@gmail.com
  • Blog contact page: www.averybusybea.com