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Crown Province of Ostgardr

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
?? Vardak Mirceavitch
as Viceroy
None Vardak
?? None Casandra of Bethel
as Viceroy
01/05/1980 Ian of Clan Mitchell
as Viceroy
Katherine Gillesfleur
as Vicereine
Ian and Katherine
09/09/2006 Alexandre Lerot d'Avigne
as Viceroy
Eularia Trewe
as Vicereine
Alexandre and Eularia

Barony of An Dubhaigeainn

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
11/09/1991 Muirdeach of Carrigart Mairgret of Carrigart Muirdeach and Mairgret
01/26/2002 Jean Xavier Boullier Gianna Allegretta Jean and Gianna
11/10/2007 Ateno of Annun Ridge Lassar ingen Aeda Ateno and Lassar

Barony of Bergental

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
02/23/1991 Étienne de Lyons Elwynne Rowenna of Wentworth Étienne and Elwynne
09/17/1994 Barry MacFadyen Sonja Dolgorukaja Barry and Sonja
09/07/1996 Tommaltach MacFhiachach Fiona Siobhan of Kincora Tommaltach and Fiona
09/01/2001 Kai Maclane Michaelene MacLaine Kai and Michaelene
08/17/2005 Lyle FitzWilliam Elwynne Rowenna of Wentworth Lyle and Elwynne

Barony Beyond the Mountain

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
06/15/1972 Balin the Fairhaired None Balin
04/10/1982 None Morgana Eressea Morgana
01/04/1986 Salaamallah the Corpulent None Salaamallah
07/11/1998 Cadell Random ap Hobart Nakamura Yuki Cadell and Yuki
?? None Nakamura Yuki Yuki
06/03/2006 Dinsdale of Northumbria Aelfgifu of the Hazel Thicket Dinsdale and Aelfgifu

Barony of Bhakail

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/05/1974 Gregory von Lucida None Gregory
?? Vicar?
05/08/1982 Elric of Erehwon None Elric
04/23/1988 Arnulf Adler Laura della Francesca Arnulf and Laura
?? Vicar?
05/15/1991 Tristan von Halstern Genevieve Charbonneau Tristan and Genevieve
07/26/1997? Tristan von Halstern None Tristan
01/11/2003 None Philadelphia Brown
As Vicar
08/13/2003 Lorcan Dracontius Scheherazade Al-Zahira Lorcan and Scheherazade
6/28/2008 Nissim Aven Darmon Sabine de Kerbriant Nissim and Sabine

Barony of the Bridge

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
07/10/1976 None Morgiane de Provence Morgiane
01/07/1984 None Elspeth Keyfe of Neddingham Elspeth

Barony of Carillion

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/21/1984 Pagan Mahon Tamar the Gypsy Pagan and Tamar
02/04/1995 Bartholomew Knowles Amsha al-Sirhan Bartholomew and Amsha
02/26/2000 Alasdair MacLeod B'Elanna de Rouge Alasdair and B'Elanna
08/12/2002 Ramos da Vida Aminah al-Zahara Ramos and Aminah
01/15/2005 None Mary Theophania Hunn Mary
09/21/2008 Cosmo of Carillion Kis Maria Cosmo and Kis

Barony of Carolingia

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
09/??/1971 John of Ileway None John
03/11/1979 Patri du Chat Gris None Patri
10/07/1989 Patri du Chat Gris Barbara Viggiani Milanese Patri and Barbara
03/02/1996 Aquel of Darksted Wood Johanna Dudley Aquel and Johanna
06/08/2002 Jehan du Lac None Jehan

Barony of Concordia of the Snows

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/18/1980 Eofn ap Erwyn None Eofn
11/12/1983 None Morwydd Fyngwen Morwydd
11/12/1994 George Emerson True Eleri of Nefyn Emerson and Eleri
11/21/1998 Munenaga Soiichiro Lucia Francesca de Valencia Soiichiro and Lucia
11/11/2006 Angus Kerr Laurencia of Carlisle Angus and Laurencia

Barony of Dragonship Haven

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/06/1979 None Anne of Hatfield Anne
07/04/1981 Josef Gajdos None Josef
01/04/1986 None Arwen Evaine ferch Rhys of Gwynnedd Arwen
02/12/2000 Adhemar de Villarquemada None Adhemar

Barony of Havre des Glaces

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
03/25/2000 Godfroy Garmallon None Godfroy
07/17/2004 Fukushima Masanari Hanzo None Fukushima

Barony of Iron Bog

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
03/18/2006 Lawrence Thornguard Katherine Barr of Cumberland Lawrence and Katherine

Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
03/05/2005 Paul André Jacques
called Pellandres dit le Frère
Valeria Laskaris Pellandres and Valeria

Barony of Ruantallan

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/01/1988 Andrew of York Lyanna of Kernough Andrew and Lyanna
11/24/2001 Seumas Camshronach an Lochabain Esperanza Razzolini d'Asolo Seumas and Esperanza
06/30/2007 Lachlan mac an Toisich of Benchar Janet Kempe Lachlan and Janet
11/29/2008 None Sarra Graeham of Birnham
as Vicor

Barony of Settmour Swamp

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
04/04/1981 None Magda z Stalburg Magda
01/30/1982 None Ursula of North Woods Ursula
06/23/1984 Eirik Rodbjorn Ursula of North Woods Eirik and Ursula
04/??/1986 Eirik Rodbjorn None Eirik
03/18/1995 Eirik Rodbjorn Merlynia of Rivenoak Eirik and Merlynia
03/??/2001 Timothy of Arindale
as Vicar
None Timothy
03/23/2002 Teric Gwynedd Paigan Crawford Teric and Paigan
03/24/2007 Alexander MacGregor Rhiannon du Licorne Alexander and Rhiannon

Barony of Smoking Rocks

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
06/19/2004 Cerdic of Colbridge Caitlin Fraser Cerdic and Caitlin

Barony of Stonemarche

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
10/03/1987 Morgan Arianblaidd Megan ni Laine Morgan and Megan
02/01/1997 Harold von Auerbach None Harold
06/14/2003 Juan Lazaro Ramirez Xavier Maria Pagani Xavier and Maria

Former East Kingdom Baronies

Barony of Myrkwood

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
01/08/1971 William of Jutland None William
01/07/1978 Wilhelm of Bothnia None Wilhelm
01/03/1981 Rorick Harcourt of the Axe None Rorick

Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands

Start Date Baron Baroness Tenure
04/24/1976 Robert de la Tor-Fraisse None Robert
02/24/1979 Leonard the Younger None Leonard
03/27/1982 Leonard the Younger Anna Georgievna of Kiev Leonard and Anna
05/16/1992 Will Langdon of Greymorne Ardis Bluemantle Will and Ardis