Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccafurno

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Aurelia getting ready to fence.
Resides: Shire of Mountain Freehold
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Gules, two lions combatant and on a chief Or three hearts gules.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch


Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccafurno has been playing in the SCA since January 2016. She is known for her fiery tempter and her 'foul-mouth.' She is a EK scribe and fencer, but is also interested in many different Arts and Sciences, spending the rest of her time working on embroidery and creating garb. She dabbles in cooking and archery as well. At the Mountain Freehold/Panthervale Yule celebration in January 2019, she was taken on as an apprentice by Master Tiberius Iulius Rufus, thus becoming a member of House Argent Fist.


Aurelia Colleoni a'Buccafurno was born in 1480 in Florence. She was trained as an artist by her father when he noticed her aptitude for drawing. Aurelia was raised around the greatest painters of Renaissance Florence, never lacking for inspiration. In 1497, it became dangerous for artists in Florence due to the preachings of Savonarola, who warned against artist extravagances of the Renaissance. Fearing for their lives and their lives' works, they fled Florence, traveling around Europe, painting for various nobles, always longing to be back home.



Offices & Positions

Shire of Mountain Freehold

  • Webminister, 02/01/17 to 12/31/17

Event Staff


  • Panteria XXII, 05/27/17-05/28/17
  • Great Northeastern War, Province of Malagentia, 07/07/17
  • Novice Schola, Barony of Bergental, 03/24/18
  • Harper's Retreat, Barony of Stonemarch, 09/01/18-09/03/18
  • Embroidery Schola, Barony of Quintavia, 02/09/2019


  • Fencing Marshal-In-Training, Closing of the Inne at Coldwood, Shire of Coldwood, 09/24/16
  • Marshal-in-Training, Fencing Tournament, A Market Day at Birka, Barony of Stonemarche, 01/28/17
  • Fencing Marshal-In-Training, Panteria XXII, 05/27/17 to 05/28/17
  • Deputy Marshal in Charge of Fencing, Opening of the Inne at Coldwood, 06/17/17
  • Fencing Marshal in Charge, Lost Tip, Shire of Panthervale, 08/18/18
  • Deputy Marshal in Charge of Fencing, SCA Demo at Carnage, Shire of Panthervale, 11/04/18
  • Fencing Marshal in Charge, Winter Vermont Renaissance Faire, Shire of Mountain Freehold, 02/24/2019

Miscellaneous Positions:

  • Co-host, Birthday Bash, Shire of Mountain Freehold, 10/08/16
  • Troll, The Feast of St. Nicholas in Queen Elizabeth's Court, Barony of Concordia of the Snows, 12/10/16
  • Retainer for the Baron and Baronessa of Stonemarche, A Market Day at Birka, Barony of Stonemarche, 01/28/17
  • Co-Autocrat, Mimir's Well, Shire of Mountain Freehold, 02/25/17
  • Lady in Waiting, Wilhelm von Ostenbrucke and Vienna de la Mar, Multiple Events, 2018
  • Autocrat, Panteria XXIV, Shire of Panthervale, 05/24/2019-05/27/2019

Demos Ran

  • Winter Vermont Renaissance Faire, Shelburne, VT, February 2017
  • Spring Break Camp, Burlington Recreation Center, Burlington, VT, April 2017
  • Kids Day, Burlington, VT, May 2017
  • Vermont Renaissance Faire, Stowe, VT, June 24-25, 2017

Projects & Publications

Fencing Competitions

  • Freehold Fencing Championship, Shire of Mountain Freehold, 10/08/16
    • Honorable Mention: Showmanship

A&S Competitions

  • Mimir's Well, Shire of Mountain Freehold, 02/25/17
    • Winner, Anachronism Category
  • Keeper of the Central Flame, Barony of Concordia of the Snows, 04/14/18
    • Novice Winner, Scribal Track
    • Winner, Master of Defense Challenge


Keepers of Athena's Thimble: Artisan

  • Counted Work (PC)
  • Freework (C)
  • Monochromatic (C)
  • Couching (C)
  • Canvas Work (C)
  • Applique (C)
  • Padded Work (C)
  • Open/Drawn Work (C)
  • Needlelace (C)
  • Pleated Embroidery/Smocking (C)
  • Metalwork (C)
  • Lacis (C)

In Case of Court


Ah-rail-ee-ah Coal-lee-oh-knee Ah-boo-ka-for-no

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