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Sir Arturus 2015.jpeg
Sir Arturus of Aranmore
Resides: Province of Malagentia
Status: Not Quite Dead Yet ...
Awards: Order of Precedence
These are the registered arms of Sir Arturus, head of House Aranmore
Award & Office Badges


Sir Arturus, Count of Aranmore,(known in past times as Syr Arlof O'Donovae), is a loyal subject of the Eastern Kingdom, having served its many crowns for more than 20 years, since returning to his native land from the distant kingdom of Trimaris. He resides in the northern quarter, in the province known as Malagentia,whence he was [ one of the founding members of this group. Known for his exploits, martial and theatrical,especially with his good and loyal friend Duke Sir Merowald (, he continues to explore new adventures in many kingdoms with his lady, Baroness Ellice de Valles, in this, our current middle ages.He and his household are allied with several other noble households through House Serpentius.


Sir Arturus resides in the Loire Valley region of France. Born in England in about 1305, he remains loyal to King Edward III, and has served in many campaigns, since about 1350, but is currently "between wars" and enjoying a pastoral life with his lady Baroness Ellice de Valles. He has undertaken, in his leisure, better mastery of the French language, wood carving, and the creation of architectural wonders. He has also, upon occasion, taken quill to paper to write songs for public performance, most of them in the mood lifting vein. For example, he and his friend Goerij performed for the Queen of the East at the recent Crown Tournament of the East - to, errr, inspire the fighters.

Projects & Publications

  • Founder of the Known World Architectural Guild, you may recognize the stamp of Sir Arturus on many of the architectural wonders of past years seen at Pennsic, including the Nave of Chartres Cathedral (in the barn, for a performance of the Known World Choir:, the Cadbury Camp Gate reconstruction, the White Horse of Uffington placed on the hillside above the Serengeti, and the Welsh Stone Cottage.
  • Sir Arturus published "Sacred Spaces" newsletter for a few years, detailing medieval reconstruction projects. You can download all 12 issues, plus many issues from a related publication "Early Period" on his House Aranmore Website.
Replica 13th Century Armor Trunks Made and Carved by Sir Arturus


  • 14 March 2018 - Companion of the Order of the Maunche (East)
  • 10 July 2015 – King’s Order of Excellence (East)
  • 20 July 1996 – Companion of the Troubadour (East)
  • 18 January 1992 – Order of the Bards Laureate (Masque) (Trimaris)
  • 01 September 1990 – Count (Trimaris)
  • 11 November 1989 – Order of Chivalry
  • 13 May 1989 – Argent Morningstar (Trimaris OTC Equivalent)
  • 20 June 1987 – Award of Arms

More Information

Sir Arturus at GNEW 2015
Count Arturus and Baroness Ellice de Valles at a 14th Century Pennsic dinner
Sir Arturus and Baroness Ellice Defend the Bridge
Our Cover Photo from an Interview at Pennsic in 2015