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Arachne's Web once existed throughout the Known World. We have no recorded documents from that time, so have created a new guild based on documents from other Kingdoms (where it had not gone extinct). There has been new scholarship since those early days, and we have striven to include this in our new documents.

Categories of Lace

Bobbin Lace

Bobbin Lace is constructed by plaiting or interlacing several pairs of threads. These threads are initially wound around bobbins. The work is done on a flat surface (or pillow) and is secured with pins. Named bobbin lace types are generally post-period.
  • Period sources for patterns include, but are not limited to Le Pompe I&II, Nuw Modelbuk, Elizabeth Parasole.*
  • Styles include, but are not limited to plaited lace, leaves & tallies, tape lace, medallions
  • Uses include edgings, applique, insertions
  • Materials include linen, silk, and metal

Embroidered Lace

aka: White Work, Pulled Work, Drawn Work

This is made by making embroidered holes in a base fabric
  • Pulled lace stitches in period include eyelet, fagot stitch,
  • Cutwork stitches in period include buttonhole, nun stitch,

Needle Lace

aka: Reticella, Teneriffe, Punto in Aria

  • Reticella stitches in period include buttonhole,
  • Punto in Aria stitches in period include buttonhole,
  • Teneriffe stitches in period include weaving, knot, wheel, loop

Lacis / Filet Lace

aka: Buratto, Mezza Mandolina

This is done upon a net or woven foundation by

embellishing with embroidery. It may also be made by knotting a single thread into netting and creating a pattern as the netting is constructed.

  • Period sources for patterns include, but are not limited to Vinciolo *
  • Stitches in period include darning, linen, loop,


This is created by knotting a number of threads.


This is created by Interlacing warp threads are held rigid on a frame without a weft.

Woven Lace

Work is produced upon a loom. It may be worked either by interlacing the warp threads and holding them in place with the weft or by otherwise creating an openwork fabric.

Lace Tools: Pillows

This is a new category to the guild to cover hand made bobbin lace pillows. An expanded description will be coming soon.

Lace Tools: Bobbins

This is a new category to the guild to cover hand made bobbin lace bobbins. An expanded description will be coming soon.

Ranking within the Guild


The only requirement for membership is an interest in lace and lace making. Proposed Badge: Sable, a spider's web Argent

Lace Maker

Lace Mistress (Master)

Guild Mistress

Levels of Expertise


This section will contain a list of members and links to their Wiki's [Alric the Younger]

More Information

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