Angela Mori

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Angela Mori with her Swan Leather Helm Crest
Resides: Barony of Bhakail, East Kindom
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence

Heraldry Needed

Award & Office Badges
AoA 2011, Tailor to the Crown (East) 2011, Baronial A&S Champion (Barony of Bhakail) 2012, Harlequin (Barony of Bhakail) 2014, Champion of the Maunche (East) 2018


The Honorable Lady Angela Mori.


Angela Mori was born 1491 in Florence, Italy. Her father was a well known artist of the time and was favored by the Medici family. Her mother passed away shortly after Angela's 12th birthday. She has 3 older brothers, all of whom are a part of the political society of Florence and Venice, none of them wanting to follow in their father's footsteps. Angela helps her father with his duties, by acquiring and preparing the various material her father needs to work. Sometimes she takes on what projects her father and his apprentice do not have the time to finish. She also runs the house where they live. At one point one of her uncles came to visit from France. He was a well known helm crest artisan. He specialized in leather and plaster specifically. Her uncle took the time to teach her the practices of making the helm crests that were used by Royalty in France and Germany. She has also learned how to work with leather from a prominent leather craftsman in Venice, who happened to owe one of her brothers a bit of a debt. She was constantly working on multiple projects for her father and in her spare time practices on her own. She has since moved to England where she now works on mostly highly decorated leather cases for prominent and royal families of London and surrounding towns.

Offices & Positions

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Projects & Publications

  • Making a Cuir Bouilli Leather Case, ask for a copy, Feb. 2012
  • Making a Horse Leather Helm Crest, ask for a copy, April. 2013
  • Making a Swan Leather Helm Crest, Link, July 2014
  • Making a Personal Heraldic Helm Crest, ask for a copy, July 2014
  • Making a Cuir Bouilli Leather Phone Case, video series Youtube Channel Link, Aug. 2018
  • Website - Link
  • Youtube Channel - Youtube Channel Link

More Information

If the Honorable Lady Angela Mori were to be Elevated in any way to a most honorable Peerage position, she would prefer to receive a writ because she would want to make sure her family was included on such an occasion. Thank you.