Andreas' Choice

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Written for the King's Bard Scoll, AS42, by Grim the Skald. The poem is in the Norse Meter fornyrthislag.

Andreas der Eisfalke, great King of the East, sat in his Court. He asked for his Herald to call forward Tiberius Julius Rufus. When this was done, the King said, "My Bard has something to say to you."

A mighty King master of battle
The great tiger’s terrible fang
May wish for verse when war lurks nigh
To inspire his men, spur them to fight

At other times tales are wanted
Words of the past to please his hall.
A lyre well-plucked lifts his spirits,
And songs will soothe his soul when dark.

In this way bards may bolster their King
But sole song-maker by his side may stand
Wise of counsel, witty and skilled
Whether poet, singer, or player of airs.

Fierce Andreas falcon of the East
Calls he for one to claim this post
Come forward now as King’s own bard
Earned with honor and able mind

And thus did his Royal Majesty of the East appoint Tiberius Julius Rufus as his King's Bard. This was done in the Shire of Anglespur, on the 23rd of February in Anno Sociatatus Forty-Two.

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