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My documentation can be found at
My documentation can be found at
My primary art form is embroidery, including:
My primary area of study is 16th century English embroidered clothing, with an emphasis on English monochrome embroidery (blackwork).  
*Late 16th Century Polychrome Coif;
*Elizabethan Sweet Bagge;
*Late 16th Century Blackwork Coif;
*Recreation of the "Jupiter" panel;
*14th century German brick stitch bag.
I also enjoy using my art to make presents for others:
*Polychrome Pincushion for Athena's Thimble prize;
*Blackwork tissue holder for Marguerite I's Queen's Tea Favors.
*Embroidered favors for Brenwen I;
*Embroidered QOC for Brenwen II;
*Blackwork collar and cuffs for Her Excellency Mary Theophania Hunn;
== More Information ==
== More Information ==

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Mistress Amy Webbe
Resides: Shire of Barren Sands
Status: Active
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Argent, a spider and on a chief sable three spiders argent
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Laurel Companion of the Order of the Maunche

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I am Mistress Amy Webbe, and I am a 1570s Gloucestershire resident. As a Middle Class widow (a rather unfortunate accident with a cart), I assist my stepson in managing his late father's mercer business. I spend much time embroidering, and considering whether or not to seek a new husband. I was raised in and still follow the Roman church, but I prefer to do so privately, as being a "Papist" is beginning to affect the business opportunities available in Southern England, and I have no desire to endanger the family business.

In reality, I am married to Lord Erhart von Stuttgart, and I reside in the The Shire of Barren Sands

Offices & Positions

  • East Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, 8/2015 to present.
  • Senior Member, Athena's Thimble.
  • Rankings Clerk, Keepers of Athena's Thimble, 08/11 until present.
  • A&S Officer, Barony of Carillion 11/11 until 11/12.
  • A&S Officer, Canton of the Keep by the Endless Sea, from 9/09 - 11/11.
  • Deputy A&S Officer, Barony of Carillion, 10/10 - 11/11.
  • Lady-in-Waiting, Kiena I.
  • Lady-in-Waiting, Gabriella II.


My pinterest page with links to extant 16th century English embroidery items can be found here:

My paper for Expert Ranking in Blackwork for Athena's Thimble may be accessed here:

Event Staff

  • Deputy to Middle Eastern Tent Coordinator, Pennsic XL.
  • Class Coordinator, Southern Region War Camp (RP), June 2012-2013.
  • Assistant to Class Coordinator, Southern Region War Camp (RP), 2011.
  • Co-Autocrat, Bellringers 2012 and 2013.
  • Troll-as-needed, Icefalcon's Ducal Challenge, 2012.
  • Children's Activities, Mudthaw (RP), 2012.
  • Royal Liaison, 12th Night (RP), January 2012.
  • Pennsic University Ambassador, Pennsic XL.
  • Children's Fete Volunteer, Pennsic XL.
  • Co-Troll, Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins, 2010.
  • Volunteer- Disability Point, Fighter Check-In, Pennsic XXXVIII.
  • Assistant Dayboard Cook, Al-Hafla 2009.
  • Dishwasher, most Carillion events.
  • General set-up and clean-up, as needed.

Honours & Awards

  • King's Order of Excellence, Omega, 6/2015;
  • Expert, Blackwork, Athena's Thimble, 3/2015;
  • Queen's Honour of Distinction, Caoilfhionn, 9/2014;
  • Mistress of the Laurel, 3/23/2013;
  • Companion of the Maunche, 4/2011;
  • Winner of Mudthaw A&S Competition, 3/12;
  • Recipient of Athena's Thimble Founder's Award, 3/12;
  • Champion of Athena's Thimble Craftsman Triathlon Competition, 3/12;
  • Award of Arms, 9/08;
  • Companion of the Order of the Sable Bell, 01/2011;
  • Companion of the Beacons of Carillion (A&S Award), SRWC 2012;
  • Carillion Chime, 10/2010;
  • Lady of the Order of the Fish, Baron Cosmo de Signorelli's "favor";
  • Baronial A&S Champion, 10/2009 until 10/2010;
  • Senior Member of Athena's Thimble.

Projects & Publications

My project blog can be found at

My documentation can be found at

My primary area of study is 16th century English embroidered clothing, with an emphasis on English monochrome embroidery (blackwork).

More Information

I am a member of House Grog.

I was apprenticed to Baroness Kis Maria, known as Mika.