Alric the Younger

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AtY-Alric and Astridr at Higgins.jpg
Alric the Younger and Ástriðr Sægeirrsdottir
Resides: The Barony of Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Device needed.jpg
Submitted to College of Heralds for approval: Vert, a boar's head erased close between two arrows counter-fesswise fesswise all within a bordure potenté argent
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms Furison Marksman


I actually attended my first SCA event in 1989 after having met some folks at a demo. All that said, we were just two teens in green tabards soaking it all in. Since then realistically I have been in and out dropping by the odd event here and there until the past couple of years as my Wife, Ástriðr Sægeirrsdottir and I have become more and more involved.

I find myself enjoying Archery, Thrown Weapons and learning all the things. I do believe I am a true dabbler (I am tempted to create a 'Things I've Tried' list but I don't know if there is enough room.) In June - AS LII, I signed up to be an Archery Marshall in Training to help run a new local archery practice.


Alric the Younger is from Anglo-Saxon England, in and around the 11th century.

Projects & Publications

I now have a Blog! - [1]

Past Projects

  • Arrows
I will remember finishing the tips of these in the hotel room the night before a Great Northeastern War and not getting a chance to use them the following day.
  • A couple of Javelins
These really turned out to be Irish throwing darts (is what I think someone called them, but they have spurred me to make some others.
  • A Haithabu Bag AS-L
What was great about this project is that it was the first time I wrote some documentation for an item. Documentation
Six-Panel Hat in Progress
  • A six-panel hat - AS-LI
Constructed using the leftover material from the Haithabu Bag, this too is all hand stitched. The wool outer shell and the linen lining are assembled. I have added an embroidered band around the brim and stitched it down in place.
  • Skjoldehamn Inspired Hood - June AS-LII
As it figures, now that I've built this hood I found another document that makes me want to start it all over again. This hood started out in white linen which I dyed using modern dyes. I then used a natural linen thread to blanket stitch the edges. The seams are sewn with a silk thread.
Skjoldehamn Hood

Current Projects

  • A new linen tunic
For the longest time, this has been sitting around half constructed as I really didn't like the 'teal' color of the material. I finally have found RIT Dye remover[2] and it has removed much of the green leaving it a very pleasant blue. The next step is to work on the neck facing and then trim for the wrists and base which I have begun.
  • Nålebinding
The Start of a new hat
I have struggled with this craft for years and reached an Ah Ha Moment at the Market Day at Birka, 2018 during a very informal class. Thicker Yarn (as also suggested by another,) and the Mammen Stitch made all the difference in the world. I should have a Travelers hat in no time now. A second class about a month later was also just as helpful as I had a few more specific questions and this teacher was able to add a few other tricks to the table.

Future Projects (in no particular order)

  • Pants
  • Winingas
I really want to weave my own but am having difficulties trying to figure out the best method that will work for me.
  • Sprang
I bought a great book at Birka 2018 that I hope will inspire me to try this again sooner than later.

Guilds and Affiliations

File:AtY First Teneriffe lace.jpg
My First piece of Teneriffe Lace
  • Member of Arachne's Web Lace Guild
  • Novice in the East Kingdom Foresters Guild
  • I have begun the path as an Archery Marshall early in 2017 and am currently in training. I achieved the rank of Archer in September 2017 and was awarded the rank of Marksmen at the Market Day at Birka, 2018 with an average score of 40.33 pts.

In Case of Court

Surprise is fantastic - please contact his wife, Ástriðr Sægeirrsdottir