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|device = [[File:Device needed.jpg|200px]]  
|device = [[File:Device needed.jpg|200px]]  
|devicecaption = Heraldry In Progress
|devicecaption = Heraldry In Progress
|awards = {{OSW}}
|awards = {{OSW}} {{MPHoS}}
|offices = {{WebMin}}
|offices = {{WebMin}}

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Aloysius at EK50
Resides: Riding of Ravensbridge, Incipient
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Device needed.jpg
Heraldry In Progress
Award & Office Badges
Companion of the Order of the Silver Wheel Provincial Service Honor


Aloysius Sartore - Started in the SCA at GNE 2009. In June 2016, I became a protege of Baron Syr Kyppyn Kirkcaldy. Member of Paragon Keep and House Knotty Snake, and living with with Mairghread Huntley. I get in a little voice heraldry in courts at various events, and other behind the scenes assistance. It's a great way to see what's going on and see the scrolls.


14th Century Venetian, though there's a bit to develop here. Aloysious.png

Offices & Positions

  • Webminister, Riding of Ravensbridge, Incipient, 9/2014? to present.
  • Archery Marshal 5/2019 to present.
  • Voice Herald

Event Staff

  • Event Steward, Whatever Family Festival Demo (Ravensbridge), 6/25/2016
  • Facilities Setup/Cleanup, Great Northeastern War (Malagentia) XXX
  • Arts & Sciences, GNE University Scheduler, Great Northeastern War XXXI
  • Arts & Sciences, GNE University Scheduler, Great Northeastern War XXXII
  • Deputy Even Steward Huginn & Muninn (Ravensbridge), 6/8/19
  • Deputy Event Steward, Great Northeastern War XXXIII
  • Deputy Event Steward, Great Northeastern War XXXIV

Projects & Publications


  • Period woodworking, tents, and other household and camp devices
  • Service - It's a rare event that I don't volunteer for something.
  • Archery
  • Scribal
  • Heraldry


  • Knotty Snake
  • Paragon Keep