Alida de Conti

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Alida for wiki.jpg
Lady Alida in soft kit, and armored as a Combat Archer
Resides: Panther Vale
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Alida arms.jpg
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Award of Arms


Lady Alida de Conti. Founding member of the Shire of Panther Vale .

Lady Alida is a member of House Argent Fist

Lady Alida particularly enjoys taking the field as a Combat Archer in the Third Division of the Great Northern Army. She can often be found cackling with glee as she shoots the enemies of the East in the face (grill).

Projects & Publications

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Offices and Service

  • Panteria II, 1997 Autocrat
  • Panteria III, 1998 Co-autocrat
  • Panteria IV, 1999 Co-autocrat
  • Panteria V, 2000 Co-autocrat

In Case of Court

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