Alheydis von Riga

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File:Alheydis von Riga.jpg
Alheydis von Riga
Resides: Stonemarche
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Alheydis von Riga device.gif
Sable, three bars wavy and in chief an otter statant regardant argent .


Award & Office Badges

Queen's Honour of Distinction


AKA: Eydis.

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Alheydis is the daughter of German merchants who settled in Riga after its inclusion in the Hanseatic League. Not one to be content with the life of a merchant, Alheydis took up the cross to campaign against the pagans and Rus of Novgorod. Having fallen in with a crusading order she quickly became their most zealous convert, earning the nickname 'the Evangelist' for her tireless efforts to convert those not familiar with the 'Ways of the Dude'.

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