Alana of Carillion

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Alana of Carillion
Resides: Settmour Swamp
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Or, mulletty of six points azure, an owl purpure.
Award & Office Badges
Award of ArmsOrder of the Sable Bell


Alana found the SCA through a newspaper article while in high school and joined up with a group once she hit college. When she came home from school, she discovered Carillion. She says of her early days "Baron Pug had a real gift for gathering in the folks lurking on the edges and getting them plugged in and involved. Before I knew it I was plugged in and part of the group. Rather than sitting on the sidelines in was actively involved and participating."

Life demanded a bit of a break from SCA things for a while, but eventually, Alana returned to the society and now can be found primarily in Settmour Swamp.


Alana of Carillion started in garb generously donated from people, but originally was too busy doing All The Things to focus on backstory. Since her return, however, she has gravitated toward a Middle Eastern persona. In addition to being fond of the garb, she finds inspiration in Rashi's daughters who were Rabbis in their own right. Jewish women in period were able to be educated and to inherit, own, and control their own property.



Alana was recognized with the Sable Bell of Carillion for her service. She can often be found lending a hand in the kitchen and has been a youth minister, a chirurgeon, and a MOL. She also loves seeing old friends and meeting new ones. She enjoys learning new things and seeing the works of others in the community.

In Case of Court

  • In the event that Alana's presence is requested in court, she would prefer to have advance notice as she is not fond of surprises. She can also then inform people who should be in attendance.