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*Track 10: Gypsy Princess ''(just stupidly long)''
*Track 10: Gypsy Princess ''(just stupidly long)''
† Part of the ''Serpent Star Saga'', a Fame-song Cycle for Rorik Swerðmaðr & Karina de Elephatide
† Part of the ''Serpent Star Saga'', a Fame-song Cycle for [http://caidwiki.org/index.php?title=R%C3%B8rik_and_Karina Rorik Swerðmaðr & Karina de Elephatide]
Part of the ''Farmer's Son Cycle''
Part of the ''Farmer's Son Cycle''
== In Case of Court ==
== In Case of Court ==

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Ajir Tsagaan Self Portrait 2018
Resides: Østgardr, Broken Bridge
Awards: Order of Precedence
sable two herons respectant argent
Award & Office Badges


The Honorable Lady Ajir Tsagaan (The White Heron)

Best known for writing & performing Music of the Modern Middle Ages, as well as Pyrography and other Visual Arts.

Ajir has been in the Society since 1990. Active mainly in Caid until 2014, Ajir was known there as Red Lórien of Oak River. She has been active in the East Kingdom since 2018.


The White Heron is a Sixteenth Century Mongol woman, living in Isfahan, Persia. She is a noble land owner, horse breeder, and Patron of the House of the Lotus.


  • QUEST by Lórien, 1998
  • Track 1: Lady of the Ocean
  • Track 2: Bio of a Conqueror‡
  • Track 3: Desert Wind†
  • Track 4: Rørik & the Edge of the World†
  • Track 5: Confessions‡
  • Track 6: Storm Dreams
  • Track 7: The Hunt
  • Track 8: All Through the Night
  • Track 9: Family Song
  • Track 10: The Farmer's Son‡
  • Track 11: Pray for Rain
  • Track 12: Bio of a Conqueror (Remix)

  • WATERLINE by Lórien, 2000
  • Track 1: Wind's Four Quarters† (no relation to the M. Lackey song of same title)
  • Track 2: Well of Swords
  • Track 3: Fields of Lyonesse
  • Track 4: For Love & Beauty† (the Queen's Guard Marching Song)
  • Track 5: Ladies of the Rose†
  • Track 6: Waterline
  • Track 7: Winter's Cold
  • Track 8: Bearer of the Crown† (Ivan's Song)
  • Track 9: Grounded
  • Track 10: Gypsy Princess (just stupidly long)

† Part of the Serpent Star Saga, a Fame-song Cycle for Rorik Swerðmaðr & Karina de Elephatide Part of the Farmer's Son Cycle

In Case of Court

While Ajir has no particular objection to surprises, she walks with a cane and can be slow to get around. If she is not already at Court it may be wise to summon her in advance to avoid awkwardly long waits.