Harun al-Najm al-Shirazi

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Aaron of Full Circle
Resides: The Lantern Wastes of the East
Status: Occasionally Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Heron Star.jpg
Award & Office Badges


The SCA has been part of my life since I was two, and I continue to enjoy the people and the excitement that come with the larger events. Though I call central Pennsylvania home, I travel eastward to NJ and points north to attend EK events. I was once called Aaron Longbow. I will soon be called Harun al-najm al-shirazi.


I tend toward broadly defined middle eastern, but on cold pennsic evenings I will transition to european.


Projects & Publications

  • Photography featured in EK Gazette article Tournament Results from Birka, 02/01/2018,
  • Inventor of "The Sandy Polearm", an elevated angle photography technique and associated contraption. This contraption/method was developed over the course of several years, and became more widely known at Market Day at Birka 2018.

In Case of Court

If someone desires my presence at court, please coordinate with Mariette de Bretagne. She will know better than anyone else what events I will be attending.


  • Middle Eastern and Freestyle Drumming
  • Digital Photography