Æsa feilinn Jossursdottir

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At crown tournament
Resides: Shire of Quintavia
Status: Active
Awards: Order of Precedence
Per chevron inverted azure and sable, in pale a sun and a wolf statant argent.
Award & Office Badges
Award of Arms CourtBarony Companion of the Order of the Silver Brooch Companion of the Order of the Silver Crescent Queen's Cypher King's Cypher
Minister of Arts and Science Exchequer


Æsa feilinn Jossursdottir (called Feilinn by her friends) started attending events in 2003 with the Market Day at Birka. A lifelong resident of Quintavia, she became more involved in the Society after joining House Darostur in 2011.

In May 2015, she became an apprentice to Mistress Eva Woderose.

She enjoys scribal arts, archery, cooking, and dancing in her free time. She occasionally works with The Worshipful Company of Their Majesties’ Underwear on mischievous undertakings and various projects.


Æsa feilinn is an Icelandic viking lady (9th/10th-ish century) and is married to a Kievan Rus trader. Though most often found in viking garb, she tends to wear some Persian garb in the summer and occasionally has been seen masquerading in late period Italian dresses.

Offices & Positions

  • Minister of Arts and Sciences, Quintavia, March 2016 – March 2018
  • Emergency Deputy to the Exchequer, Quintavia, October 2016 – Present
  • Backlogs Deputy to Tyger Clerk of the Signet, East Kingdom, January 2017 - Present
  • Deputy Minister of Arts and Sciences, Quintavia, March 2018 - July 2020
  • Emergency Deputy to the Tyger Clerk of the Signet, January 2020 - Present


Projects & Publications

Feilinn's Blog - Shy Wolf Studio

Recreation of a 16th Century Altar Card - submitted for A&S Championship, February 2020

Classes Taught

As part of the Quintavia Scribal Moot series:

  • Faux Calligraphy Hands
  • Paint Bar - Trying Different Types of Paint
  • Scroll Layouts
  • Fixing Mistakes

Other Classes:

  • Introduction to Calligraphy - Battle of Five Armies, Quintavia - 8/26/2017
  • Youth Illumination (assistant teacher) - Market Day at Birka, Stonemarche - 1/ 30/2016

Event Staff

  • Co-Organizer, Quintavia Scribal Moot (held monthly), November 2016 - Present
  • Class Coordinator for Scribal Schola, Quintavia - 5/21/2016
  • Feast kitchen staff for Battle of Five Armies, Quintavia - 8/26/2017
  • Gate Staff for Embroidery Schola, Quintavia - 2/24/2018
  • Gate Staff for the Coronation of Brennan III & Caoilfhionn III, Quintavia - 4/7/2018
  • Dayboard Head Cook for King & Queen's Fencing Champions, Quintavia - 12/8/2018
  • Deputy Event Steward for the Coronation of Tindal And Alberic, Quintavia - 8/15/2020


  • Retainer for Thyra I
  • Head Retainer for Thyra II
  • Awards Scheduler for Ozurr and Fortune


  • Award of Arms - Coronation of Edward II and Thyra I- 10/13/2012
  • Queen's Cypher (Thyra I) - Coronation of Gregor IV and Kiena II - 4/6/2013
  • Companion of the Pennon of the East (Gleann Abhann) - Gulf Wars - 3/19/2015
  • Court Barony with Grant of Arms - Carolingian Baronial Investiture - 4/4/2015
  • Companion of the Silver Brooch - At the Sign of the Dancing Fox XX - 2/3/2018
  • Companion of the Silver Crescent - At the Sign of the Dancing Fox XX - 2/3/2018
  • Keeper of the Light of Quintavia - Shire Yule - 12/9/2018
  • Arts & Sciences Defender of Quintavia - Shire Yule - 12/9/2018
  • King's Cypher (Ozurr) - Coronation of Margarita - 10/5/2019

More Information

  • In case of Court, please contact Eva Woderose and Sergei Rozvad syn.
  • Feilinn is happy to receive awards in a virtual court setting.
  • Feilinn enjoys all types of scribal works! Persona appropriate scrolls or scrolls that catch the artist's eye/fit their favorite style are equally loved. Follow your heart!