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Bailiwick of Ivyeinrust
Ivyeinrust arms.jpeg
Argent, an ivy leaf within a laurel wreath vert and a chief embattled sable.
Founded: June 1981
Location: University of Pennsylvania


Ivyeinrust is a Bailiwick of the Barony of Bhakail in the Southern Region. Founded in 1981 at the University of Pennsylvania, the Bailiwick now encompasses parts of West Philly, South Philly, and Center City Philadelphia.

It is the last remaining Bailiwick in the SCA.


Meaning: Ivyeinrust is an anagram of "University" and "Ivy" because the group was founded at UPenn - an Ivy League University.

Established: June 1981

Heraldic officer's title: Ivy Pursuivant

Arms: Argent, an ivy leaf within a laurel wreath vert and a chief embattled sable.

Populace Badge: (Fieldless) An ivy leaf quarterly vert and argent.


Ivyeinrust yahoo group

The monthly business meetings are announced on the website and on the yahoo group and are help on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.

Current Officers

Seneschal Livia Petralia

Exchequer Baroness Philadelphia Brown

Minister of Arts & Sciences Osric Feologildsson

Ivy Pursuivant (Herald) Lady Xanthippe Ouranina

Chatelaine Baroness Philadelphia Brown

Webminister Baroness Philadelphia Brown

open searches for: Deputy Exchequer, Deputy Seneschal

(last updated 12 August 2014)

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