Ffeleshyppe for the Defensioun and Precervacioun of le Urchion

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Detail of a miniature of hedgehogs sticking fallen fruit to their quills and carrying it back to their burrow; from the Rochester Bestiary, England (Rochester?), c. 1230, Royal MS 12 F. xiii, f. 45r.
Founded: A.S. 50
Status: Active
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The Ffeleshypee for the Defensioun and Preservacioun of le Urchion is dedicated to defending and protecting the most noblest of creatures, the hedgehog. Founded in A.S. 50, the FDPU is focused on promoting the greater welfare of the Hedgehog in the Kingdom of the East and beyond.


The first public action of the FDPU was to sponsor the September 2016 page of The Beasts of the East - An East Kingdom Beastiary, which prominently featured the hedgehog. The inscription read as follows:

"The Ffeleshyppe for the Defensioun and Precervacioun of le Urchion wishes all a plenitudinous harvest
this September and remind everyone to watch for hedgehogs underfoot while traversing their vineyards."

Founding Members


More Information

If you are interested in joining the FDPU, please contact one of the members, membership is open to any and all who seek it.